[SSA] Search for global f-modes and p-modes in the 8B neutrino flux


The impact of global acoustic modes on the 8B neutrino flux time series is computed for the first time. It is shown that the time fluctuations of the 8B neutrino flux depend on the amplitude of acoustic eigenfunctions in the region where the 8B neutrino flux is produced: modes with low n (or order) that have eigenfunctions with a relatively large amplitude in the Sun’s core, strongly affect the neutrino flux; conversely, modes with high n that have eigenfunctions with a minimal amplitude in the Sun’s core have a very small impact on the neutrino flux. It was found that the global modes with a larger impact on the 8B neutrino flux have a frequency of oscillation in the interval 250 \mu Hz to 500 \mu Hz (or a period in the interval 30 minutes to 70 minutes), such as the f-modes (n=0) for the low degrees, radial modes of order n smaller or equal to 3, and the dipole mode of order n=1. Their corresponding neutrino eigenfunctions are very sensitive to the solar inner core and are unaffected by the variability of the external layers of the solar surface. If time variability of neutrinos is observed for these modes, it will lead to new ways of improving the sound speed profile inversion in the central region of the Sun.

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Date added: Tue, 15 Oct 13