[HEAP] Revolution at ICECUBE horizons


Recently (May-July 2013) highest energy neutrino events have been presented by ICECUBE. Most (21) of all these (28) events are cascades shower whose flux exhibits a sharp hardening respect other lower energy atmospheric neutrino component; these events are suggesting an injection of extraterrestrial neutrino, mostly of electron or tau flavor, making cascades. ICECUBE claimed that a component (10-12) of these events must be a trace of expected downward muons and-or atmospheric neutrinos (mostly muon track dominated): this imply that nearly all of the few observed muon tracks (at least 6 of the 7) must be themselves of atmospheric origin: therefore remaining 16-18 extraterrestrial events must be mostly of electron or of tau flavor (or rare neutral current events). The probability that this scenario occurs is very poor, about 0.1-0.5%, well below 1.0%. This muon neutrino paucity paradox cannot be solved if part or even all the events are made by terrestrial prompt charmed signals. The paradox might be somehow solved if nearly all of the 28 events are originated by extraterrestrial sources arriving to us in de-coherent states. This overestimation of atmospheric neutrino flux has deep consequences.

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Date added: Tue, 15 Oct 13